Fat Freddy’s Drop (A-Z #40)

Fat Freddy’s Drop are a 7-piece outfit hailing from Wellington, New Zealand where they formed in 1999. They play a multi-genre style including diversities from Techno to Rhythm & Blues, Reggae to Jazz and Dub to Soul along with anything else that just happens to slip into the mix.

Here’s ‘Wandering Eye’ from 2006 to give you a taster…

Classic albums A-Z: Underworld – Second toughest in the infants (1996)



Underworld‘s fourth studio album earns classic status twice – once for the music and once for the sheer brilliance of the album title. Second Toughest in the Infants conjures up so much about so many things, brilliance being one of them. Just as well really as this is what this album is all about.

There are are ten instances of brilliance here. But shining for me remain ‘Kiteless’, ‘Stagger’ and particularly ‘Pearl’s Girl’. The kick line in the latter is ‘crazy crazy crazy crazy…’ etc ad infinitum but, to a certain three-year old future singer daughter of mine, Karl Hyde’s pronunciation ┬ámade it sound like ‘Gracey, Gracey, Gracey, Gracey…’ ad infinitum.

The subtle kick line change stuck and remains. So, whenever I hear it on my Shuffle now, it brings a smile and a minds-eye picture of a three-year old daughter of mine.

Full track listing
  1. Juanita
  2. Kiteless
  3. To dreams of love
  4. Barnstyle/Sappy’s Curry
  5. Confusion the waitress
  6. Rowla
  7. Pearl’s Girl
  8. Air Towel
  9. Blueski
  10. Stagger
  • Karl Hyde (voices)
  • Rick Smith & Darren Price (keys, sequencers and programming)