The Beautiful South – Quench (Epic 2017 #020)

The Epic 2017 Project #020: 170120

The Beautiful South – Quench (1998)


Quench released in the UK on 12 October 1998 is The Beautiful South’s sixth studio album. It was the band’s third album in a row to reach the top of the charts.

The cover depicts a boxer by Scottish painter Peter Howson. Commissioned for the album, the original painting can be seen in the Ferens Art Gallery, Hull. But after the band cropped the image and used it in merchandise and promotional material, Howson took legal action receiving around £30,000 in damages. Whilst the first two singles from the album also have artwork by Howson, the final two – “How Long’s a Tear Take to Dry?” and “The Table”-  don’t; perhaps Mr Heaton and co had learned their lesson by then. If you’re planning to change something and then publish it, it’s not a bad idea to ask first!

The Beatles – Revolver (Epic 2017 #019)

The Epic 2017 Project #019: 170119

The Beatles – Revolver (1966)


On a business trip to Liverpool early last summer, a good friend of mine took me to Shirley Street to show me the Eleanor Rigby statue, designed and made by the English entertainer Tommy Steele.

It’s a haunting tribute to the song from “Revolver’ and, although the character (originally known as Miss Daisy Hawkins) is fictitious, the idea of a lonely lady feeding the pigeons from a park bench is captured so lovingly here that you feel obliged to sit alongside her for a while when you visit.


We’re fortunate to possess an original vinyl pressing of the album in mono from 1966, courtesy of my wife’s elder sisters who were ardent Beatles fans back in the day.

Bauhaus – The sky’s gone out (Epic 2017 #018)

The Epic 2017 Project #018: 170118

Bauhaus – The sky’s gone out (1982)


The Sky’s Gone Out was released in October 1982 by record label Beggars Banquet.

The initial limited edition of the LP included the live album Press the Eject and Give Me the Tape as a bonus. The compact disc reissue of the album dropped the run-out audio from the final track “Exquisite Corpse” and the vinyl edition contains a short recording of drummer Kevin Haskins reading from the play Baal. The Canadian edition of this album also contained a free 12″ vinyl single featuring “Ziggy Stardust”, “Kick in the Eye” and “Lagartija Nick”. This version did not have the distinctive artwork from the US and UK editions, but was instead an enlargement of the cover art from the “Terror Couple Kill Colonel” single.

Suffice to say that I’ve got the original vinyl release complete with the live album. And (although not pictured here) I’m also really proud to have a very limited edition and numbered pressing of the 1983 double vinyl ‘Best Of (1979-1983). Only 500 of these numbered versions were printed. Mine is No. 467.

Bad Company – Desolation Angels (Epic 2017 #016)

The Epic 2017 Project #016: 170116

Bad Company – Desolation Angels (1979)


Desolation Angels is Bad Company’s fifth studio album released on March 17, 1979.  The album’s title came from the novel of the same name by Jack Kerouac.

It was recorded at Ridge Farm Studios in Surrey, England in late 1978 and in my opinion, is the last strong album by Bad Company, mostly because it contains their last major hit, “Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy,” written by Paul Rodgers and inspired by a guitar synthesizer riff that Rodgers had come up with.

‘Early in the morning’ though (track 5, side 1) is my personal favourite on the album.

Average White Band – Person to Person (Epic 2017 #014)

The Epic 2017 Project #014: 170114

Average White Band – Person to Person (1977)


I brought this double gatefold live album on vinyl for my wife’s 21st birthday back in 1980.

The Average White Band came from Dundee, Scotland. Formed in 1972, they had worldwide success as a funk and R&B band with a string of hits between 1974 and 1980. The biggest and most successful of these was the instrumental ‘Pick up the Pieces’ (1974) which now has the accolade of being the 15th most sampled tune in history. The band split in 1983 only to reform six years later. They still tour now, albeit with a vastly different line-up; Alan Gorrie (guitar) is the only original member.

The ‘Person to Person’ live album was recorded at the Tower Theatre and The Spectrum, Philadelphia, The Syria Mosque, Pittsburgh and The Colosseum, Cleveland.