Camille – Le Fil (Epic 2017 #031)

The Epic 2017 Project #031: 170131

Camille – Le Fil (2005)


Le Fil is the second album by French singer Camille. The title translates as “The Thread” and from the outset to the very end* (see below) the album features a continuous ‘tone’ – a low-level drone – that is in the background of every song and between tracks. Camille describe the ‘b’ note used as ‘her note’.

On its release in 2005 many people returned the record/CD in the belief that the sound was a fault in the recording. On the CD version, the ‘drone’ continues for a full 9 minutes after the end of the final track.

King Size Slim – May we find (Leaping Ahead #364)

Leaping Ahead Project 2016 #364: 161229

[Song from 2015]

…and we’re down to the final three in this year-long episodic series; a themed track for every day of 2016. King Size Slim supported Son of Dave at the Brighton leg of his European tour in early December and counts amongst the top gigs I’ve been to this year. A worthy contender for the ‘Leaping Ahead’ project. Three and counting…

Camille – Cat and Dogs (Leaping Ahead #320)

Leaping Ahead Project 2016 #320: 161115

[Song from a band seen in 2012]

I think tonight’s gig at the Kentish Town Forum in London will be the 11th or 12th time we’ve had the pleasure of seeing Camille live. In 2012 though, it was at the London Barbican (27 April). This evening, she’s performing as part of the lineup for Nouvelle Vague.

Janis Joplin – Mercedes Benz (Leaping Ahead #269)

Leaping Ahead Project 2016 #269: 160925

[A song about cars (2)]

The song’s lyrics were written at Vahsen’s, a Port Chester, New York bar at 30 Broad Street on August 8, 1970 during an impromptu poetry jam between Joplin and songwriter-friend Bob Neuwirth.The lyrics were inspired by the first line of a song written by San Francisco beat poet Michael McClure, “Come on, God, and buy me a Mercedes Benz.” Joplin heard it sung by a friend of McClure’s, and she began to sing it, too. At the Port Chester bar, Joplin sang the line a few times and began riffing on the McClure lyrics, while Neuwirth copied the new lyrics onto bar napkins, which he kept for years. She sang the new version for the first time that night at her concert at the Capitol Theatre in Port Chester.

The song was recorded in one take on October 1, 1970. It was amongst the last tracks Joplin ever recorded as she died three days later, on October 4.

Queen – we will rock you (Leaping ahead #223)

Leaping Ahead Project 2016 #223: 160810

[Song from a band beginning with Q]

What can be said about the most famous stadium anthem of all time that you probably don’t already know? Perhaps something about non-harmonic reverberation maybe?

Maths and music – ever a partnership and certainly present here. It’s all to do with how the song was crafted. For starters the stamping effects were created by the band overdubbing the sounds of themselves stomping and clapping many times and then adding delay effects to create a sound like many people were participating. Secondly, the durations of the delays were in the ratios of prime numbers, a technique now known as non-harmonic reverberation. And finally a tape loop is used to repeat the last phrase of the guitar solo three times as opposed to Brian May playing it three separate times on the recording. So now you know! Maths and music!

Camille – Money Note (Leaping Ahead #144)

Leaping Ahead Project 2016 #144: 160523

[Song from a French band]

I’ve had the privilege of seeing Camille live on seven different occasions now. I was even at the gig at London’s Koko (Kings Cross) featured in the video today. Most of Camille’s eclectic performances are given using simply voice as the musical accompaniment. Although we have seen a piano from time to time. Money Note is from the 2008 album ‘Music Hole’.