Jimi Hendrix – Purple Haze (Leaping Ahead #59)

Leaping Ahead Project 2016 #59: 160228

[A song from the ’27 club’]

Mentioned in the same sentence, what do Jimi Hendrix, Robert Johnson, Brian Jones, Amy Winehouse, Alan ‘Blind Dog’ Wilson, Kurt Cobain, Janis Joplin, Richey Edwards and Jim Morrison all have in common? Sadly, they’re all posthumously part of the infamous ’27 Club’ having departed their precious lives after just 27 short years. Jimi Hendrix passed away on 18 September 1970, two months before his 28th birthday.

Of course, each will always be remembered first for their incredible contributions to the music industry and the gifts they’ve left which we all love and listen to time and time again years and years after their passing. But, rather morbidly, one can’t really think of each now without also thinking of the ’27 club’.

The 27 club

I’m not often prone to the art of re-posting a blog, but this poem today on the ‘Poet’s Corner’ WordPress site to which I subscribe as an author, was too good an opportunity to pass up:

Too Young To Leave BY WILLIAM

Jimi H left us in a purple haze

Tried to kiss the sky and have some fun

That foxy lady followed through the maze

Hey Joe, where are you going with that gun?

Janis J quickly followed with her ball and chain

Hey, please take another piece of her heart

Big Brother holding its own without much pain

Summertime and the going is not so easy

Jim M left us to light his fire

With Gloria up for hire

The Doors opening in the morn

Just before the Riders on the storm

Kurt C left us in a heart shaped box

All apologies, it’s about a girl

Went to Nirvana, a place of peace and happiness

Didn’t smell much like teen spirit at all

Amy W, Brian J and all the rest

They left us whilst at their best

27, far too young to leave

But it does give us plenty of time to grieve

Thanks so much for posting this William – I’m indebted to you!