This is my limited edition (467 of 500) version of Bauhaus ‘1979 to 1983’ double best of album. IMGP3351


Falling within the influential ‘post-punk’/’goth rock’ genre, my favourite track is ‘She’s in Parties’


(although the cracking cover of David Bowie’s ‘Ziggy Stardust’ plays a very close second fiddle)

Johnny Winter…

Earlier this month I finished off a daily music challenge – ’25 songs in 25 days’. Whilst I was doing that a thought occurred that I have so many albums, purchased or acquired over the years, that it’d a something of a crime not to share some of these with you and why I like them. This won’t be in any sort of order – just as I feel on the day of posting.

And to kick things off – especially as the great man has just passed away, here are a couple from Johnny Winter.


“The progressive Blues Experiment” is from 1969. Purchased a few years later I might add, as I was only 10 when it was released. But track 5 on side 1 – ‘Help Me’ – became an instant favourite and stayed with me through my formative teenage years as something of an anthem.


“Nothin but the Blues’ came out 8 years later and this was one I did purchase on release. There are lots of blinders on this one, but the track that’s stuck with me is ‘TV Mama’…

R.I.P. Johnny Winter

There aren’t really any words that justify the loss to the music world the passing of Johnny Winter will bring. He was a bluesman through and through, a guitar virtuoso and a phenomenon live. So I’ll let these two vids do the talking for me.

R.I.P. Johnny Winter (1944 to 2014)

25 songs in 25 days #25

One song per day along with an explanation of why you picked it. Day 25 – a song you could listen to all day without getting tired of it

Today (15 July) is the last day in my 25 day song challenge. It’s been fun and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading (and watching) as much as I’ve enjoyed the choosing. As for today though, there are many songs that fall into this category for me, but just one that stands out…

Santana – Soul Sacrifice (1969)

Filmed at Woodstock in Bethal, NY state, this is both a video clip and song I can never tire of. Michael Shrieve on drums was just 20 here which made him one of the youngest people to perform. The band is sublime, but he’s on another level altogether. Santana at their utter best, capturing the vibe of a generation. Enough words. Watch, listen and enjoy. Then, as I shall – do it all over again.

25 songs in 25 days #24

One song per day along with an explanation of why you picked it. Day 24 – a song you can dance to with your best friend

Booker T & the MGs – Green Onions (1962)

Originally recorded in 1962 but not a chart hit until 1979 when it featured in the film ‘Quadrophenia’, Green Onions is, nonetheless, a tune my wife (also my best friend) and I developed our own little routine to years ago. After a few beers, it wasn’t unknown for us to demonstrate it on more than one occasion, mainly at parties.

25 songs in 25 days #23

One song a day along with an explanation of why you picked it. Day 23 – a song you cannot stand to listen to

Barry Manilow – Can’t smile without you (1978)


You know, for someone like me for whom music is such a vital part of life, there actually aren’t that many songs or ‘artists’ that I hate. But Barry Manilow is very definitely one of them. He is a carbuncle on the bottom of the Music Industry and should be made illegal.

This ‘song’ is one of his most heinous crimes for which he should have been locked up for back in 1978 when he had the audacity to release it. The world would have been a better place and a great many people would have been spared the shameless brainwashing that has for years allowed them to believe that this master criminal has even a modicum of talent. I feel so sorry for those poor misguided souls rising to give him a standing ovation at the beginning of this video. They could have been spared this indignity had we been brave enough to lock him away the first time he tried this on back in the sixties!

Having said this, I always try to find something good in everything. And that’s true here as well in the opening lines of this absolutely awful song. “I can’t smile without you…” has come back to haunt Mr Manilow, as he’s had so much plastic surgery over the years that he can’t smile at all now! Bonus.

Rant over.

25 songs in 25 days #22

One song per day along with an explanation of why you picked it. Day 22 – a song that someone has sung to you

That would have to be…

Golden Slumbers – The Beatles (1969)

Over the years we’ve had our own family, this song (and our own variations on it) has been sung repeatedly – by us to children, by our children to us, by my wife to me and by me to my dogs (and once to a rabbit).

25 songs in 25 days #21

One song per day along with an explanation of why you picked it. Day 21 – your favourite song

Gosh! That’s a tricky one – there are so many. And it’s a changing constant as the years go by. I think I’ve got it nailed to a top 10 or a top 20 or even a top 100 and then someone goes and buggers it up with yet another wonderful tune which becomes an instant favourite. But, having said all that, there actually is one song which rides up there above all others, and has remained so over the years. So I don’t really have any reservations by confirming that this is my favourite song…

Rory Gallagher – Bullfrog Blues (1972)

Yes, it’s a cover of a traditional blues song penned by one William Harris back in 1928 and since covered by many. But Rory Gallagher’s remains top of the pile for me. My first introduction was at a party I went to when at art college in the late 1970’s. I was instantly smitten and it became a firm favourite at every party I was invited to or crashed from then on and for several years.

One notably memorable occasion was a wild all-nighter at a big house in Arundel, West Sussex in the autumn of 1977. Sleeping it off in my mate’s attic we decided that as good a cure as anything for a thumping hangover would be Bullfrog Blues at top volume. Problem was that we didn’t appreciate that others sleeping in the rooms below might not share our enthusiasm. They didn’t, and my mate sported a black eye for a few weeks as a result.

25 songs in 25 days #20

One song per day along with an explanation of why you picked it. Day 20 – the last song alphabetically in your i-Tunes library.

Your wife is calling – Lee Ving (2013)

Last year the BBC screened the riveting Dave Grohl rockumentary about the legendary Sound City studios based in Van Nuys, LA. As soon as I knew there was to be a soundtrack release featuring new recordings mixed and mastered on the original analogue desk salvaged by Dave Grohl when the studio closed and then lovingly restored and installed in his own Studio 606, I ordered it on iTunes.

Here are 11 tracks from various artists all recorded at Studio 606. Lee Ving’s boisterous number is track 5.


25 songs in 25 days #19

One song per day along with an explanation of why you picked it. Day 19 – the first song alphabetically in your iTunes.

Abraham Lincoln by Clutch (2012)

Not much to say about this one by way of explanation, except that it’s rather good and comes from the band’s 2012 album ‘Strange Cousins from the West’ which I downloaded last month.