Three songs (Writing 101: day 3 challenge)

The Writing 101 – day 3 challenge is to commit to a writing practice by celebrating three songs which are significant to me. Brilliant. Right up my street for the Jemtunes blog. One problem though – which three? There are so many I could choose from.

However, the first choice is easy today – ‘Blood Speaks’ from ‘The Smoke Fairies’

Why? Well firstly because we saw them live again tonight at Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar in Brighton – the last gig of their current UK tour. (Again because this is the fourth time). And secondly because this beautiful, haunting melody simply sends me. It’s a musical smile.

DSCN9497Smoke Fairies – Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar – Brighton – UK

Second choice is an old favourite of mine – Led Zeppelin’s ‘Bring it on home’. Partly because I’ve just purchased the re-released 2 CD special remaster of Led Zep II released on 2nd June and partly because it takes me back to my heady teenage years when I’d blast out the album play after play on my Dad’s mono stereogram. Nothing’s changed; forty+ years later and I’m still doing it!

And finally, tune number three goes to a Robert Johnson blues number from 1936 originally titled ‘I believe I’ll dust my broom’, but as time has passed, has now been shortened to simply ‘Dust my Broom’. I have lots and lots of versions of this covered by a wealth of artists over the years but it remains one of my favourite blues numbers of all time.