Endless Boogie – Focus Level (Epic 2017 #067)

The Epic 2017 Project #067: 170308

Endless Boogie – Focus Level (2008)

Endless Boogie was formed in 1997 by Matador Records employees and a professional record collector for jamming.Initially having no plans to record or to tour, the band played their first live show in 2001 as an opening act for Pavement’s Stephen Malkmus. After releasing a pair of rare vinyl LPs from 2005, they went on to release their debut – Focus Level in 2008.

The band’s style has been labeled as hard rock, psychedelic rock, stoner rock and blues rock. But Endless Boogie describe themselves as “Kraut Southern rock”. Make up your own mind with ‘Smokin’ figs in the yard’ from the 2008 debut.