Deram Records



Deram Records was launched in 1968 in the UK as a subsidiary of Decca. It was active until 1979. Most notable signing in my book was to Ten Years After.

“Sssshh” from which these images derive, was notable in that it came in both stereo and mono versions. You needed to check the little circular window on the back of the album cover. Blue = stereo, Red = mono. Or, if you couldn’t be arsed with that, just taking the inner sleeve out of the outer would give the game away;  blue or red writing around the outside rim was the clue.



Swansong Records


Swansong Records was launched by Led Zeppelin in May 1974 when their contract with Atlantic was about to expire. It stopped releasing from October 1983 and remains now only for the occasional re-issue of back-catalogue material.

During its nine-year history the label released work by Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Page and Robert Plant as solo artists, Bad Company, The Pretty Things, Dave Edmunds, Mirabai, Maggie Bell, Midnight Flyer, Detective and Sad Cafe.

The Swansong logo is based on “Evening” (aka ‘The fall of day’) painted in 1869 by William Rimmer and features the Greek god, Apollo.




Artful Albums #3: (accredited to) Bridget Riley – Vertigo ‘swirl’


Actually no-one knows who actually designed what became known as the Vertigo “swirl’.  But the logo for Vertigo records, a subsidiary of Phillips/Phonogram created in 1969 and in its heyday between 1969 and 1974, is so akin to Bridget Riley’s Op Art work that she’s widely accredited as the designer.

All we know for sure is that the label first appeared in 1969 as this advert from the International Times of November that year attests.


The Vertigo “swirl’ typically covered the centre hub of the A side of each album/single released by the label. The B side had the song listings and timings. Vertigo as a label remains but trades today under the ownership of Universal Music UK.