The Vibrators – Troops of Tomorrow (Leaping Ahead #297)

Leaping Ahead Project 2016 #297: 161023

[Song from a band beginning with V]

Taken from the 1978 album ‘V2’ this was released as a single but failed to get into the top 40, the top 100 or the top anything for that matter.

The Vibrators, despite three initial (in my opinion) subliminal albums – ‘Pure Mania’ (1977), ‘V2’ (1978) and ‘Batteries Included’ (1980) – have sadly entered the annuls of history as another ‘one hit wonder band; ‘Automatic Lover’ earned the band a Top of the Pops appearance and got into the top 10. But the far better follow-up ‘Judy says she’s gonna knock you in the head tonight’ only made it to No.70. ‘Troops of Tomorrow’ though didn’t even chart despite considerable airplay at the time, most notably on the John Peel show.

The Vibrators continued to trade with a string of albums well into the 1990’s, none of which got anywhere. And they still tour today albeit with only one original member – drummer John ‘Eddie’ Edwards. Something of a sad testament to the fondly remembered early years.