King Mud – Victory Model Sessions (Epic 2017 #144)

The Epic 2017 Project #144: 170524

King Mud – Victory Motel Sessions (2016)

King Mud features Van Campbell from the Black Diamond Heavies, Freddy J from the Left Lane Cruiser, and Parker Griggs from Radio Moscow. Early in 2016 they brought their musical talents together in L.A. at a studio near the Victory Motel, where the album got its name.

Victory Motel Sessions is overflowing with impressive guitar riffs full of soul. “Rat Time,” the first track, gets the album revved up with notes of inspiration from ZZ Top. The following track, “Smoked All My Bud,” screams gritty blues rock.

Wilko Johnson – I keep it to myself (Epic 2017 #121)

The Epic 2017 Project #121: 170501

Wilko Johnson – I keep it to myself (2017)

Well what can I say? Apart from the fact that it’s a miracle the man is still with us. Because when I saw him live in 2013, he had just weeks to live having been diagnosed with terminal cancer. And yet, four years later – the 7th time I’d seen him play – here he is, in full remission and still banging out his unique chopping blues with the brilliance we’ve all come to know and love.

Seven times seeing anyone live is going some – but Mr Johnson is something of the exception. Apart from continually pumping out the genre of music that’s closest to my heart, everything he does and whoever he plays with brings an excitement to music that simply appeals.

First time was – of course – with the ubiquitous Dr Feelgood. Twice as it happens. Then with the Solid Senders; once as himself, solo. Once with the Wilko Johnson Band with second original drummer, Steve Monti. And now twice with the Wilko Johnson band as is; Wilko (of course), Norman Watt-Roy on bass and Dylan Howe on drums.

‘I keep it to myself’ is Wliko’s 2017 best of double album and I can capture no better example of what he does best than here with ‘She does it right’. (As does he!)

Dave Hole – the live one (Epic 2017 #114)

The Epic 2017 Project #114: 170424

Dave Hole – the live one (2003)

In my opinion – one of the best live albums I own. And certainly one of Mr Hole’s best. In ‘The live one’ (released on Black Cat Records in 2003), he positively shines, his slide prowess coming into its own in almost every track.

Here’s one of them ‘Take me to Chicago’. A brilliant bit of blues with an opening lyric that grabs me by the short and curlies every time…

Take me to Chicago, back in 1959…