The Pretty Reckless – Heaven knows (Leaping Ahead #54)

Leaping Ahead project 2016 #54: 160223

[A twenty-tens song (2)]

Released in November 2013 as the second single from the band’s second album, ‘Heaven Knows’ topped both the UK Rock and US Mainstream rock charts. I like it because it’s everything a well-crafted song should be – good riff, catchy tune, rising chorus, quirkiness and oomph! Gets me every time.

Dire Straits


The opening track to Dire Straits self-titled 1978 debut is ‘Down to the Waterline’

Although originally from Scotland, this song is a love-tryst tale from lead singer/guitarist Mark Knopfler’s teenage years in the city of Newcastle-on-Tyne.

References to the ‘waterline’ include inferences to the Dog Leap Stairs, an ancient set of stone steps leading down from the Castle Keep to the Newcastle Quayside.

Mainstream Music and the Death of Creativity

This is the first time I’ve re-blogged something to Jemtunes. But this is something that anyone and everyone who is serious about music needs to talk about. Because if we don’t, there’a a very real danger that ‘popshiteness’ will take over and swamp us all. Read on and join the conversation….



                As someone who is a part of this community of music, I am often confronted with questions of my own conscience. I always have to ask myself if I am doing enough to propagate real music, music that is an authentic artistic expression. At the very least, music that objectively demonstrates effort, whether or not I find it aesthetically pleasing. More and more, I am finding the world I live in, namely a western society, becoming complacent in the music that is consumed by the masses. More importantly, the music that my generation and younger are responsible for supporting, both financially and verbally.  Fads come and go, and music itself is not dead (in fact, in all corners of the world it is quite alive), but the consumer market displays disturbing musical trends on a daily basis. The media then forces these trends on us, telling us that…

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