The Steepwater Band (Rock A-Z part #61)

Formed in Chicago in 1998, The Steepwater Band’s prolific album history is bettered only by their passion for the blues. Since I first discovered them about ten years back, I’ve been slowly collecting their back catalogue and now have all but the first EP. Wonderful stuff.

  1. 2000 – Goin’ back home (EP)
  2. 2001 – Brother to the snake
  3. 2001 – Live: half in the bag
  4. 2004 – Dharmakaya
  5. 2006 – Revelation Sunday
  6. 2007 – Songs for the 8th day
  7. 2008 – Grace & Melody
  8. 2008 – The Steepwater Band live
  9. 2010 – Live at the Double Door
  10. 2010 – The stars look good tonight
  11. 2011 – Clava
  12. 2012 – Steepwater
  13. 2013 – Live and humble
  14. 2014 – Diamond Days

Reef (Rock A-Z – part #60)


Reef formed whilst on a music course at the West London Institute back in 1993. Originally called ‘Naked’, they rose to fame via an advert for the Sony Mini-Disc portable stereo system. Filmed in New York, the advert depicted them as an unsigned heavy metal band touting for a recording contract whilst presenting their self-titled song ‘Naked’ an an unimpressed A&R man.

It was with no great surprise then that they were subsequently signed to S2, an offshoot of Sony Records, releasing ‘Good Feeling’ in late 1994. Their debut album ‘Replenish’ followed in 1995 and featured both the original ‘Naked’ and ‘Good Feeling’. But it was the 1997 follow-up – ‘Glow’ – which propelled them to super-stardom on the back of the October 1996 single release, ‘Place your hands.’

7 songs in 7 days

A number of us over in Blighty (and perhaps further afield for all I know) are currently cramming our musical lives in to a FaceBook thing called ‘7 songs in 7 days’. Idea is that you post a song a day, say a bit about why it’s great and why it’s part of your musical history and then nominate one or more other worthy people to share in the joy.

My seven days ran between 11th and 17th November. So here’s what I chose and why.

[Day 1 – 1971] Led Zeppelin’s ‘Four Sticks’ is a part of the first album I ever bought. One could not do much better! Still proud of that fact!

[Day 2 – 1978] Patti Smith’s ‘Because the Night’ from the ‘Easter’ album became my soulmates’ and my song when we fell in love in 1978 and married in 1979

[Day 3 – 1980] Sad Cafe’s ‘My oh My’ shows that there really were some totally cracking tunes that came out of the 1980s

[Day 4 – 1992] Head like a Hole’s ‘Fish across Face’ is all about independent record shops, their influence over my musical upbringing and the joys their bargain basements can sometimes reveal!

[Day 5- 1996] Underworld’s ‘Born Slippy’ shows how B sides sometimes outshine the originally intended single release and become huge sellers. Plus it’s still a cracking track which is just as good live. A fact I can attest to having gone mental to a 35 minute encore version as a part of the band’s 2014 Dubnobasswithmyheadman tour.

[Day 6 – 2008] Camille’s ‘Money Note’ is there to represent the joy of seeing bands perform live; and that fact that I’ve seen Camille more times than any other band. Five and counting.

[Day 7 – 2016] And The Temperance Movement’s cover of Led Zeppelin’s ‘House’s of the Holy’ is there to prove that whereas it’s impossible to cram almost fifty years of music awareness into 7 songs in 7 days, you can turn a full circle. Plus it’s the band I’ll be seeing next – January 2016 – Portsmouth Pyramid.