Stereophonics – I just wanted the goods (Starters for Ten #362) 2.5.37

Starters for Ten 2019 – #362: Top Five tracks from my top 5 albums of 2019: 191228

Stereophonics – I just wanted the goods (2019)

Throughout 2019 Jem of Jemtunes has taken you through 36 top tens. But, to bring the year and the series to a close, here’s one final top five. You’ve had tunes for a whole gamut of reasons including genre, mood, time of year or simply time itself. Sometimes there has been words but mostly it’s simply been the music, because music always speaks for itself.

Continuing the 37th then – the top five tracks from my top 5 albums from 2019 – here’s I just wanted the goods from ‘Kind’ by the Stereophonics, released on 25 October.

Stereophonics – Graffiti on the train (The 59) #340

The ’59 2018 #340: 181206

Stereophonics – Graffiti on the train (2013)

Jem of Jemtunes, born in 1959, has now turned 59. So ‘The ’59’ celebrates 59 years of cracking tunes with a few albums from each year – 1959 through 2018. Currently we’re at year 55 – 2013

Graffiti on the Train was the eighth studio album by Welsh rockers,  Stereophonics. Produced by the group’s lead-singer and guitarist Kelly Jones and Jim Lowe, it was released on 4 March 2013 on their own Stylus Records label.

The album’s earliest idea spawned when children were running across the singer’s rooftop in order to access the trains and spray paint graffiti on one of them. With 40 unfinished song ideas, the band composed 30 of these to be released as an album trilogy but decided against the idea, instead releasing a follow up (intended to be the second part) on 11 September 2015. Also planned that year was the go-ahead on production for a screenplay of the same name Jones was developing. British film composer David Arnold worked alongside the producers to compose three of the song’s orchestral arrangements.

It peaked at No.3 on the UK albums charts and produced the band’s best performing single since 2007, “Indian Summer”. It was nominated for the World’s Best Album in 2014 and was supported by a world tour named after the album from 2012–2013.

Stereophonics – Dakota (Leaping Ahead #330)

Leaping Ahead Project 2016 #330: 161125

[Song from a band seen in 2013]

Top five gigs I’ve been to in recent years:

  1. Royal Blood – Brighton – December 2014
  2. Stevie Wonder – Hyde Park, London – July 2016
  3. The Temperance Movement – Portsmouth – January 2016
  4. Underworld – Brighton – March 2015, and
  5. Stereophonics – Brighton – November 2013

Not in any particular order – but Stereophonics has to up there pretty near the top for all the right reasons.