Leaping Ahead


JemTunes has posted several mini-series’ over the last couple of years featuring different songs for a number of days on a theme – ‘A song a day challenge‘, ‘A song for every year‘, ‘25 songs, 25 days‘ and ‘7 songs in 7 days‘ to name but four.  This gave me an idea for 2016!

Rather ambitiously then and starting on 1st January, JemTunes will be posting a different song every day  in the 2016 leap year, hence the theme “Leaping Ahead”. 366 different themes; 366 different songs. I’ve already mapped out the themes – one for every day of next year – and have made a good start on the song selection. Hopefully, I’ll be able to find a clip for each to share these with you.


7 songs in 7 days

A number of us over in Blighty (and perhaps further afield for all I know) are currently cramming our musical lives in to a FaceBook thing called ‘7 songs in 7 days’. Idea is that you post a song a day, say a bit about why it’s great and why it’s part of your musical history and then nominate one or more other worthy people to share in the joy.

My seven days ran between 11th and 17th November. So here’s what I chose and why.

[Day 1 – 1971] Led Zeppelin’s ‘Four Sticks’ is a part of the first album I ever bought. One could not do much better! Still proud of that fact!

[Day 2 – 1978] Patti Smith’s ‘Because the Night’ from the ‘Easter’ album became my soulmates’ and my song when we fell in love in 1978 and married in 1979

[Day 3 – 1980] Sad Cafe’s ‘My oh My’ shows that there really were some totally cracking tunes that came out of the 1980s

[Day 4 – 1992] Head like a Hole’s ‘Fish across Face’ is all about independent record shops, their influence over my musical upbringing and the joys their bargain basements can sometimes reveal!

[Day 5- 1996] Underworld’s ‘Born Slippy’ shows how B sides sometimes outshine the originally intended single release and become huge sellers. Plus it’s still a cracking track which is just as good live. A fact I can attest to having gone mental to a 35 minute encore version as a part of the band’s 2014 Dubnobasswithmyheadman tour.

[Day 6 – 2008] Camille’s ‘Money Note’ is there to represent the joy of seeing bands perform live; and that fact that I’ve seen Camille more times than any other band. Five and counting.

[Day 7 – 2016] And The Temperance Movement’s cover of Led Zeppelin’s ‘House’s of the Holy’ is there to prove that whereas it’s impossible to cram almost fifty years of music awareness into 7 songs in 7 days, you can turn a full circle. Plus it’s the band I’ll be seeing next – January 2016 – Portsmouth Pyramid.

Mok – Nene

Mok are off to play at Forgotten Fields this weekend. But, if like me, you weren’t able to get tickets, here’s their latest single  – ‘Nené’ – with footage from Blissfields festival earlier last month. Videography by Bezann Productions. Enjoy.

Mok are: Gracey & Lee on Vox, Jack on drums, Joe on keys, Dex on guitar and James on bass. Check out the Mok website for more.

Wildlife Festival


Wildlife Festival took place over the weekend of 6 & 7 June 2015 at Shoreham Airport, Sussex, UK. The biggest music festival to date in Sussex and one of the biggest in Southern England, it attracted 35,000 for headline acts including George Ezra, Rudimental, Annie Mac, Nas and Disclosure.


The site was huge; aircraft were grounded for the weekend and the fenced off area over the east-west runway included the main stage, two dance stages like the above built to resemble the art deco 1930’s airport terminus and two massive DJ set marquees.


Having a festival of such calibre right on one’s doorstep is a massive bonus; being able to walk from home through our town, across the river and into the grounds and hear and see a host of live music and thumping tunes is a second-to-none privilege which very few actually get to be part of. The queue for advance sale tickets back in a winter storm in January was well worth the wait.


There was so much to choose from that, on the Saturday, all we did was wander from dance tent to marquee to main stage and back, taking in a bit of this and a bit of that and simply soaking up the joy of being there. And in the sun!


Soul II Soul followed by George Ezra probably stole the show for the Saturday afternoon with similar glory going to Nas and Rudimental for the night time slots. However, the wind had got up by the time Nas came on so we were content to listen to his set over the air as we wandered back home to the warmth.


Annie Mac’s DJ slot early on Sunday evening  was sublime, capturing the spirt of the occasion and working the enthusiastic crowd admirably towards a crescendo warm up to the kingpin act of the weekend – Sunday night’s Disclosure.


And what a way to finish a totally stunning festival. Disclosure creamed it. With a light show to quite literally blow your mind and a series of guest performers, the DJ duo of Guy and Howard Lawrence took the enraptured crowd though a blistering set of old and new tracks, including at least half a dozen from their soon-to-be-released new album.


A song for every year #2

Yesterday I started a new mini-series (in between the mammoth Jemtunes 2015 A-Z of music). This came about via a challenge from a good friend to name a favourite song from every full year of my life to date. For me that means 55 songs. Yesterday you got 2005 to 2014; today you have 1995 to 2004.

  1. 1995 – Simply Red: Fairground (from Life)
  2. 1996 – Underworld: Pearl’s Girl (from Second Toughest in the Infants)
  3. 1997 – Reef: Place your hands (from Glow)
  4. 1998 – ZZ Top: She’s just killing me (from Rhythmeen)
  5. 1999 – Muse: Sunburn (from Showbiz)
  6. 2000 – Nickelback: How you remind me (from Silver side up)
  7. 2001 – Eric Sardinas: Texola (from Devil’s Train)
  8. 2002 – Audioslave:  Gasoline (from Cochise)
  9. 2003 – Quantic Soul Orchestra: Hold it down (from Stampede), and
  10. 2004 – HIM – Buried alive by love (from And love said no)

And for the vid? No brainer really – particularly as I’m seeing them this weekend as a part of the 2015 leg of the Dubnobasswithmyheadman tour…

A song for every year #1

A good friend of mine has recently set me a challenge – name your favourite song for every full year of your life to date. Tricky! For me that means 55 songs but, as I like a challenge, I’ve risen to it. Here’s my starter for ten covering the years 2005 to 2014.

  1. 2005: Alabama 3 – Hello I’m Johnny Cash (from Outlaw)
  2. 2006: Arctic Monkeys – I bet you look good on the dance floor (from Whatever people say I am that’s what I’m not)
  3. 2007: Dizzy Rascal – Pussyole (from Scallywag)
  4. 2008: Camille – Money Note (from Music Hole)
  5. 2009: Dogbreath – Fit in (from Pale Face Baby)
  6. 2010: Cherry Ghost – We sleep on stones (from Beneath this Burning Shoreline)
  7. 2011: Laura Marling – Sophia (from A creature I don’t know)
  8. 2012: Band of Skulls – Lay my Head Down (from Sweet Sour)
  9. 2013: Stereophnics – Grafitti on the train (from Graffiti on the train), and
  10. 2014: Royal Blood – Figure it Out (from Royal Blood)

As far as the vid is concerned, well I’ve ummed and aaahed about this for quite a while, but will have to go for this one…