And now the 90s #1 – 1990

Jemtunes has worked its way through the 70s and the 80s and today starts with the 90s. Over the next ten days or so, I’ll be featuring a track from an album released in each year of the decade. Some days there’ll be some narrative behind the album; other days behind the track; others behind both; and sometimes just a vid of the track on its own.


And to kick things off we have “Pornograffiti”, the second studio album from the Boston-based group ‘Extreme’. Track choice is ‘Get the Funk Out’.

Back in 1990 I ran a church-based youth group called ‘Fusion’. Every summer we had a four-day camping retreat at a Christian conference centre with its own extensive grounds in East Sussex called ‘Ashburnham’. And every camp had its own theme song – something that was making the charts or just plain popular. Usually my choice and certainly in 1990. “Get the Funk Out” was played at as loud a volume as we could get away with many times that weekend.