The Hollies – the air that I breathe (Leaping Ahead #49)

Leaping Ahead Project 2016 #49: 160218

[A favourite 1970’s song (2)]

I can remember buying the single of this major 1974 hit for The Hollies. Released that January with ‘No more riders’ on the B-Side, I got my copy from the record counter in Woolworths. I only had an old Dansette then to play it on, but got a lot of value from that 34 pence (34p) spent with the number of plays it subsequently had. And yes, I’ve still got the original single.


Simply Seventies #5: 1974


With the help of Jemtunes I’m currently revisiting the halcyon days of the seventies. The idea is that you post ten tracks from ten albums over ten days or so – one from each year of the decade – with a few words about each and why you picked it.

It’d be great if you felt the urge to join in with this on your own blog. If you do though, please include a ping-back to Jemtunes so that I can see what you’ve picked and broaden my horizons.

1974: Mountain – Avalanche

There’s not a huge amount to say about the album itself. It includes a good lot of Mountain staples including a couple of covers – ‘Whole lotta shakin going on’ and ‘Satisfaction’ and was the last Mountain album to feature the talents of  bassist/producer Felix Pappalardi.

Suffice to say though that I like it – and that’s what really matters here. Why in particular? Because of the final track on the album – ‘Last of the sunshine days’. A glorious 12-bar blues foot stomper which sums up the end of summer and with a totally memorable final lyric…“Mmmm. That’s for John. For the doctor. For the doctor”