The Pirates – Skull Wars (Epic 2017 #227)

The Epic 2017 Project #227: 170815

The Pirates – Skull Wars (1978)

OK you lucky lot. Today you’re getting eight episodes of ‘Epic’ all on the same day; essentially because I’m away for a week with no possibility of updating blogs etc.

Episode 5 comes in the shape of The Pirates ‘Skull Wars’ from 1978. And I’ve a particular story to tell of this one.

At the time of its release I was working as a kitchen porter on the Loughborough University campus in the Midlands. I had a room in a stall halls of residence on the campus and, one any one of our weekly half-day off (usually Saturday afternoon), the ground floor corridor was a virtual battleground for who could crank their stereo up the loudest, thereby drowning out the sometime dubious music choices of some of the other residents.

Then ‘Skull Wars’ came out and three of us queued up at Castle Records to get out mitts on vinyl on the day of its release. No more competition needed – three copies of the same album meant that you could generally get to hear it at some point in the day, whether it be from your own room or someone else’s.

But then we had the brainwave of attempting to synch all three. No mean feat with vinyl in three different rooms on three different stereos. But we managed it – after a fashion. Johnny B Goode’s Good in triplicate and very, very loud.


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