Nickelback – Silver side up (Epic 2017 #183)

The Epic 2017 Project #183: 170702

Nicklelback – Silver side up (2000)

By 2000, Nickelback had begun to receive commercial success through performing their second album The State and its lead single “Leader of Men”. In early 2001, The State was certified Gold in Canada and had almost reached the same certification in America. At this time, Nickelback was planning to enter the studio to begin recording their third studio album. So In April 2001 they went back to same studio used to record “The State’ to start work on what would become ‘Silver Side Up’. Much of the material was already there and some songs (like Hangnail and Hollywood) had already featured in live sets, so fans knew them well.

Nickelback took their time recording though and eventually hired Rick Parashar to help them produce the album. Then, in June of that year, they announced that the album’s lead single would be ‘How you remind me’. The album itself was released on 11 September 2001, a couple of weeks into a tour with ‘3 Doors Down’.

Whilst on tour, “How You Remind Me” reached number one on both the Billboard Mainstream Rock Tracks chart and the Modern Rock Tracks chart before the album was officially released.


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