Gay Dad – Transmission (Epic 2017 #093)

The Epic 2017 Project #093: 170403

Gay Dad – Transmission (2001)

Having formed originally in 1994, Gay Dad signed a new recording contract early in 2001 with a new independent record label – B-Unique – set up by their former A&R man at London Records, Mark Lewis, and began work on a new album, Transmission.

Later that year the lead single from Transmission – “Now, Always and Forever” – was released. It fell just short of the Top 40 in the UK Singles Chart. An extensive UK tour was followed by a limited edition single “Harder, Faster, and the third single “Transmission” was released just before the album came out in late 2001.

Rumours of a split started circulating in 2002 and the band finally announced the breakup on the eve of the U.S. release of Transmission, citing the excessive press hype the band had received and the pressures resulting from it, as well as negative reactions to the band’s controversial name.

“Joy” was released two years prior to ‘Transmission’ on the back of the band’s first album – Leisure Noise. There’s some great tracks on Transmission (three of them mentioned above), but ‘Joy’ was their fame-launcher. So here is is.


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