Peter Gabriel – So (Epic 2017 #091)

The Epic 2017 Project #091: 170401

Peter Gabriel – So (1986)

I have a claim to fame with Peter Gabriel. He was on the 1978 Knebworth festival line-up and, part-way through his set, decided to leap off the stage and walk up the fenced-off security channel which led from the mid-field sound desk to the stage.

The band continued playing, he continued singing and a significant part of the 300,000 strong crowd surged. And, as our pitch was around 50 yards back from the stage against the security fence. Well…you can put two and two together as to what happened next!

Cut a long story short – when the man got to where we were he made matters worse by climbing on top of the fence to finish the number. Whilst up there, his balance was provided by my rucksack which was propped against the fence. One foot crushing all inside, one foot on fence, crowd mayhem. End of.

Almost. Because later on we discovered that the bit of my rucksack Mr Gabriel had crushed had contained a tub of margarine. Which was by then of course, spread over everything else. Clothes, camera, food etc. Thanks Peter!

Anyway…that’s got nothing to do with ‘So’ which came out some 7 years later and is rather good. Particularly Sledgehammer…


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