Cry of Love – Brother (Epic 2017 #042)

The Epic 2017 Project 2017 #042: 170211

Cry of Love – Brother (1993)


Back in the early 1990s, the little town where I live in Sussex had its own independent record shop – ‘Atomic Sounds’. It had started back in the late 70’s – inspired by Debbie Harry’s lyric from the platinum selling 1979 Blondie album ‘Eat to the beat’.

I was one of Tony’s ‘regulars’, rarely missing a Saturday visit and often there during the week as well. Anyway, to cut a long story short (sic. Spandau Ballet), one Saturday in 1993 I picked out Cry of Love’s CD single release of ‘Bad Thing’ and immediately fell in love. Problem was that Tony didn’t have the album in stock and, when after several weeks, he’d still not been able to get a copy, I stopped waiting. Probably said that I’d pick up a copy from Virgin or HMV, but I never did.

Cry of Love formed in North Carolina in 1989 and released their debut (and only album) ‘Brother’ in 1993. The original line-up of the band folded 17 months later when frontman and lead singer Kelly Holland quit. And although the remaining members struggled on, and even released another album – ‘Diamonds & Debris’ in 1997 – content was very much akin to the latter; not a patch on the superlative 10 tracks from the earlier ‘Brother’

All was not lost though as, several years later, I finally managed to secure a copy by ordering one direct as an import from the New York based Columbia Records. Always a good way to secure an album you really want but can’t find anywhere. Might cost a tad more but, hey, at least you get a copy!


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