Cheap Trick – Dream Police (Epic 2017 #036)

The Epic 2017 Project #036: 170205

Cheap Trick – Dream Police (1979)


I’ve had this album since it first came out 37 years ago. In fact, I can even remember the day! Sal and I had married that July and, in the first week of the new term – late September 1979 – I’d received a little bonus for some extra work done that week. Back in the late 70’s I earned just over £40 a week. And ‘Castle Records’ in the arcade in the town centre was where I regularly parted with some of that cash.

Life was cheaper in the Midlands back at the end of the 70s. Rent was £11 a week and food – about a tenner between us. So around half of what I earned was ours for the spending. £3 tops secured a ticket for that week’s gig at the Union Building, a quid for a TDK D-90 blank cassette and around a fiver for an album. I’d heard ‘Need your love’ on the juke box in a campus cafe called ‘The Purple Onion’, so I knew in advance which I’d buy that week. And, listening to it now, almost 37 years later, it’s still as fresh as it was back then. Good music never dies.


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