Blondie – Parallel Lines (Epic 2017 #028)

The Epic 2017 Project #028: 170128

Blondie – Parallel Lines (1978)


In late 1978, at the tender age of 18, I left home. Following my soulmate northwards, I found a job as a kitchen porter on the campus where the art college she was taking her Ceramics degree was based. For the first year she was (technically) in halls of residence and I was (technically) in staff accommodation on the other side of the campus. But, truth be told, I spent more time in the room she shared with one, Deb Gee. And ‘Parallel Lines’ was, for quite a while, the only record on Debs’ Dansette record player. So we got to know those 12 tracks really well.

Later in the year following release though, we got to see Blondie live as a part of the ‘Parallel Lines’ tour when they played the Loughborough Student Union. Paid £1.75 for my ticket I think! But then my weekly wages in those days were just £30 – so it was still relative!

Tough choice on which track to feature but ‘One way or another’ wins…


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