Aerosmith – Honkin on Bobo (Epic 2017 #001)

Epic 2017 Project #001: 170101

Aerosmith – Honkin on Bobo (2004)


A New Year and a new project. ‘Epic 2017’  features a daily  album of choice and a track from it. Most days there’ll be some narrative about the album as well. I’ll be working through A-Z with albums from both my collection and elsewhere. I’ll keep this going simply for the joy of writing and music; but it’d be great if you could add a like and a comment as well from time to time.

Day 1 and, beginning with the letter A, here’s Honkin on Bobo from Aerosmith, released in 2004.

In April that year, the Crouchers took a family holiday to Denia in Southern Spain. This was pre-iPod, streaming and MP3 days and, as I’d forgotten to pack any CDs, I bought this at the Virgin Records store in the Gatwick Airport Departures lounge. By the end of the week-long holiday, we all knew the album really well. But I still haven’t tired of it. ‘Eyesight to the Blind’ stands out as the track of choice. So here it is…


View from villa – Denia, Spain, 2004



One thought on “Aerosmith – Honkin on Bobo (Epic 2017 #001)

  1. Listening to this, I’m struck by the comparison to the Stones’ new Blue and Lonesome. Like Aerosmith, it was their first real all-blues album. Everybody’s making a lot of noise about that album but this one seems lost in the shuffle. Same kind of good, uptempo boogie blues.

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