The Divine Comedy – How could you leave me on my own? (Leaping Ahead #366)

Leaping Ahead Project 2016 #366: 161231

[A song for 2016]

And so – a full leap year of 366 days later – the Leaping Ahead project reaches its swan song. And what better way to finish than with a song for 2016. There’ve been many crackers I could have chosen, but this one from Neil Hannon’s Divine Comedy sort of sums it all up really. Lots have left us this year and…well the lyrics say it much better than I can. Thanks for sticking with the project – I’ve enjoyed the posting challenge so I hop you’ve enjoyed what I’ve chosen each day.

Starting tomorrow though is a whole New Year and a whole new project – ‘Epic 2017’. Every day I’ll be posting a different album (365 in total), a track or two from it and (most days) a comment as to why I’ve picked that particular album. No easy way to approach this so I’ll be starting at the beginning and working through to the end. Seems reasonable. A-Z. 365 albums. A new Jem Tunes post every day.


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