Led Zeppelin – Four sticks (Leaping Ahead #127)

Leaping Ahead Project 2016 #127: 160506

[Song from the first album ever purchased]

I can still remember buying Led Zeppelin IV from the local branch of Woolworths in the ‘village’ square. I say ‘village’ – that’s what we called it; but Southwick was a really a small town. Big enough to have a Woolworths store with a music department though. It was late November 1971 and the album had only been out for a couple of weeks. But, having heard ‘Black Dog’ on the record-player at the ‘Old Barn’ youth club in St Julian’s Lane, I was hooked. Someone told me the band didn’t release singles, so I’d raided my money box and scraped together just enough to splash out on my first ever album.

Not a bad way to start a record collection. And I’ve still got that original pressing (along with two CD versions, a second vinyl copy and the 2014 remaster). Hard to pick a favourite on such a classic album – all eight tracks fit the bill – but ‘Four Sticks’ probably has the edge.


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