The King – Voodoo Chile (Leaping Ahead #124)

Leaping Ahead Project 2016 #124: 160503

[Favourite cover song (5)]

Sadly no longer with us – it closed down a few years back – there used to be a little independent record shop called ‘Atomic Sounds’ just down the road from where I live. It was a firm favourite of mine and I was a very regular customer, purchasing something at least weekly and keeping its owner convinced that there was still a paying public out there who didn’t want to buy all their music from Tesco’s!

Rant aside, Tony (Atomic’s owner) was always playing something new, many of which I ended up buying ‘cos I liked what I heard so much. This is a prime example. The opening riff was playing as I opened the door one Saturday morning but, when the vocals kicked in, I was immediately puzzled. “Who’s this?” I asked. To which Tony candidly replied “The King of course!” Convinced that Elvis never covered Jimi Hendrix, I asked to see the CD case. And of course, it was ‘The King’ (aka Jim Brown from Belfast), Elvis impersonator extraordinaire, covering everything from Hendrix to AC/DC. Suffice to say, I brought the album! (Gravelands – 1998)


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