Shakespeare’s Sister – Stay (Leaping Ahead 101)

Leaping Ahead Project 2016 #101: 160410

[A song for the 1990’s (4)]

Released by London Records in January 1992 as the second single from their album Hormonally Yours, “Stay” became the duo’s first and only No. 1 single in numerous places including the UK, where it topped the UK Singles Chart for eight consecutive weeks; the longest UK No. 1 reign for any girl band, and was the fourth biggest selling single of 1992.

It’s the only song that featured Siobhan Fahey less prominently on vocals than Marcella Detroit, with Detroit singing the verses and lead chorus and Fahey singing the song’s dramatic bridge. Detroit is noted for singing in whistle register before the last chorus of the song, going up to a high F (F6). The piano, synth and bass guitar were performed by Ian Maidman, and the drums by Steve Ferrera, both musicians whose contributions featured throughout the ‘Hormonally Yours’ album.


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