Royal Blood – Come on over (Leaping Ahead #28)

Leaping Ahead Project 2016 #28: 160128

[A song from a band seen in 2014]

By far the most exciting band to invade the rock music genre in recent years, 2014 was absolutely Royal Blood’s year one! Formed in 2012 and catapulted to virtual overnight worldwide acclaim over a period of little over year, one of my first encounters was just a little while after the Worthing-based duo had used my daughter’s band’s studio for a practice session and had released a couple of radio-play singles from their unbelievably successful self-titled debut album.Don’t believe any of the type that they’re from Brighton; they’re not – but it sounds a lot sexier than Worthing and is close enough geographically I guess.

Anyway, cutting to the chase, a gig on their adopted home turf of Brighton was always going to be a hot potato. Tickets went on sale at 9:00 and were totally sold out 45 seconds later. I picked up the thread on my mobile and wistfully thought it would have been nice. So imagine my elation when my daughter’s phone call came to say that she’d been successful on the phone sales and there were two coming my way!


The gig – on 20 December 2014 – was one of the best Christmas presents I could have hoped for. It was one of those subliminal experiences of a gig when you quite literally find nirvana for a couple of hours. Nothing else was important – just a drummer, a bassist and two hours of joy.


2 thoughts on “Royal Blood – Come on over (Leaping Ahead #28)

  1. I’d heard these guys on satellite, made a note of them and then promptly forgot about them. So, hanks for the reminder. I note that no less a personage than Jimmy Page has praised them. It’s funny how ever since (as far as I know) White Stripes the two-person band has come into vogue. If I were in a band it would never occur to me to do that. I wonder if the philosophy is “who needs more than two when we can get such power out of just two?” Also, bass and drums? No guitar? No keys? Odd. But I like this tune. It’s certainly harder rock than anything I’ve listened to lately.

    • Having had the joy of seeing them live, I can attest to the fact that drums, a bass and a loop pedal is all these guys will ever need. The word ‘power’ doesn’t even come close. ‘Mind-blowing’ would be closer!

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