Quantic Soul Orchestra (Rock A-Z – part #59)



The Quantic Soul Orchestra, originally set up in 2003 as as alter-ago of one Will Holland was a live project of circulating musicians with music influenced by a love of dusty old funk 45s.

Having released two successful albums on the Tru-Thoughts label, multi-musician Will Holland from Worcestershire, UK wanted to give something back by producing an album which was rough, raw and real. ‘Stampede’ was the result. The first QSO album from 2003 and featuring the dulcet tones of Alice Russell and Will’s saxophonist sister, Lucy Holland. It’s an album influenced by the many flamboyant (but often poor) musicians in the 1970s who loved music for music’s sake and who wanted to dance and make people dance.


I was fortunate to catch the Quantic Soul Orchestra as a part of ‘Quantic and his Combo Barbaro’ 2009 UK tour to promote their ‘Tradition in Transition’ album. At London’s iconic Roundhouse, this was a subliminal gig featuring not only the latest Barbaro stuff but also the best of Quantic and Tru Thoughts with classics like ‘Hold it down’ and ‘Pushin on’ from the early QSO days.


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