Jimi Hendrix (Rock A-Z part #47)


Mentioned in the same sentence, what do Robert Johnson, Brian Jones, Amy Winehouse, Alan ‘Blind Dog’ Wilson, Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, Janis Joplin, Richey Edwards and Jim Morrison all have in common? Sadly, they’re all posthumously part of the infamous ’27 Club’.

Of course, each will always be remembered first for their incredible contributions to the music industry and the gifts they’ve left which we all love and listen to time and time again years and years after their passing. But, as the ’27 club’ has been coined, sadly, you can’t really think of each now without also thinking about that.

The reason it’s cropped up now is that I’ve been asked (as part of an ice-breaker for a conference I’m attending at the end of the month) to pick three people (living, deceased or fictitious) who I’d invite for a TV chat-show I’m hosting.

Jimi Hendrix is my first choice and I think I’d ask him two key things. Firstly what tune is currently the favourite of the ’27 club’ and secondly, what genre he’d be embracing now had he lived beyond 18 September 1970.

Given similar opportunity, who would you invite and what two questions would you ask?

Meantime and whilst you have a think about that, here’s the excellent Isle of Wight version of ‘Foxy Lady’ performed on 31 August 1970 just three weeks before Jimi died.


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