A song for every year #3

Jemtunes is currently taking a break from its 2015 A-Z of music with a mini-series which came about from a challenge posed by a good friend – can you name a song for every full year of your life to date? For me that means 55 tunes and as I like a challenge, Part #1 gave you 2005 to 2014, Part #2, 1995 to 2004 and Part #3 (today) 1985 to 1994.

  1. 1985: Yello – Oh Yeah (from Stella)
  2. 1986: Rolling Stones – Harlem Shuffle (from Dirty Work)
  3. 1987: ABC – When Smokey Sings (from Absolutely ABC)
  4. 1988: INXS – Devil Inside (from Kick)
  5. 1989: Tears for Fears – Woman in chains (from Tears roll down)
  6. 1990: Zucchero – Il Mare (from Zucchero)
  7. 1991: Seal – Killer (from Seal)
  8. 1992: Rage against the machine – A bullet in the head (from Rage against the machine)
  9. 1993: Paul Rodgers – Muddy Water Blues (from Muddy Water Blues) and
  10. 1994: ZZ Top – Fuzzbox Voodoo (from Antenna)

And for the Vid? The record that sold INXS to the world and gave them their best-selling tune of all. Still gives me a kick 27 years on…


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