A song for every year #2

Yesterday I started a new mini-series (in between the mammoth Jemtunes 2015 A-Z of music). This came about via a challenge from a good friend to name a favourite song from every full year of my life to date. For me that means 55 songs. Yesterday you got 2005 to 2014; today you have 1995 to 2004.

  1. 1995 – Simply Red: Fairground (from Life)
  2. 1996 – Underworld: Pearl’s Girl (from Second Toughest in the Infants)
  3. 1997 – Reef: Place your hands (from Glow)
  4. 1998 – ZZ Top: She’s just killing me (from Rhythmeen)
  5. 1999 – Muse: Sunburn (from Showbiz)
  6. 2000 – Nickelback: How you remind me (from Silver side up)
  7. 2001 – Eric Sardinas: Texola (from Devil’s Train)
  8. 2002 – Audioslave:  Gasoline (from Cochise)
  9. 2003 – Quantic Soul Orchestra: Hold it down (from Stampede), and
  10. 2004 – HIM – Buried alive by love (from And love said no)

And for the vid? No brainer really – particularly as I’m seeing them this weekend as a part of the 2015 leg of the Dubnobasswithmyheadman tour…


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