Jem Tunes A-Z 2015 #23

In 2005 Camille Dalmais released her second studio album ‘Le Fil’. The album is unique as it includes a string or thread (the ‘le fil’) represented as a background drone which runs continuously throughout the album and from around eight minutes after the end of the final track.

Born in Paris in 1978, Camille is famous for her exploration of the voice and the musicality it can provide when used creatively. She uses instrumentation, but sparingly and usually as a supplement to and not a replacement of the voice.

‘Money Note’ from the 2008 album ‘Music Hole’ is a prime example. Apart from the piano, everything you hear here is voice. Although I didn’t take the video here in London’s Koko, we were there – just to the left of the cameraperson…


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