Simply Seventies #6: 1975


Jemtunes is mid-way through a trip back to the nineteen-seventies. Ten tracks from ten albums over ten days (or so) – one from each year of the decade. Today it’s 1975 and kind of a no brainer for me; the turn of one of my favourite albums of all time – Led Zeppelin‘s ‘Physical Graffiti.

24 February 1975 was a Monday and I was the second in line in the queue outside Woolworths waiting with the money from my savings box to buy the very same vinyl version of this fantastic album pictured now in this blog almost 40 years later!


A double album comprising 15 tracks from the heyday of Led Zeppelin’s musical prowess, there are so many favourites here that it’s really hard to choose which ones to include clips from.


The opener from side 1 – Custard Pie – will be one of them though…


…and ‘Boogie with Stu’ from side 4 is the other. Together these are two of my favourite Zep tracks from any of their albums.

I could rabbit on and on about the album – about its initial recording at Headley Grange – about the cottage in Wales that inspired three of the songs – about the fact that recording was interrupted when John Paul Jones was considering leaving the band to take up a position as choirmaster at Winchester Cathedral. And lots more besides. Instead, I’ll simply say a quick word about the album cover. Designed by Peter Corriston, it features a tenement block at numbers 96 and 98 St Marks Place, New York City, a location one of these days I fully intend to visit and pay homage to by taking my own pic of the same block.

Until then though, there’s always the music. And here’s two to be getting on with…


6 thoughts on “Simply Seventies #6: 1975

  1. I am constructing my choices right now. I’m getting into it so much that I am choosing, and will post all 10 in one massive musical explosion. Cheers.

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