Simply Seventies #1 (1970)


Okey doke pop pickers – today marks the start of a new mini-series for Jemtunes – “Simply Seventies” I’ll be picking one track from an album released in each year of the 1970s and saying a bit about each and why I picked it.

Feel free to join in with your own selections. You don’t have to actually own the albums you pick tracks from, but please include a ping-back to Jemtunes so that I can see what you’ve chosen.

Simply Seventies #1 – 1970: Free – Fire and Water


To kick things off, here’s ‘Mr Big’ from Free’s third studio album released in June 1970. Fire and Water is the only Free album to have enjoyed a US CD release and is probably most notable for being the album that introduced the world to the song “All right Now’. But there are 6 other excellent tracks on the album as well, Mr Big being the five minute opener to side 2. Featuring a bass-heavy rhythm from Andy Fraser supporting one of the late Paul Kossof’s signature guitar solos, this is my favourite track on the album.

Look out for the thrilling next instalment of ‘Simply Seventies‘ on Jemtunes. Part II – 1971 – coming soon!


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