The Anthem Challenge #8

The Anthem Challenge is simple in task but complex in choice. Ten anthems over ten days that mean something in your life. Say a bit about each and add a ping back to me so that I can see what you’ve chosen. This is day 8 for me and, true to the cause, here’s my ping back to Alfred’s Almanac who started everything off.

Anthem #8 – Underworld – Beautiful Burnout

From 1999 through to 2010 I was part of a samba bateria based on Shoreham Beach, West Sussex, UK. I played bottom surdo – a massive 24-inch drum with a deep, resonant sound – part of the bass rhythm section. From around 2001 onwards I was also responsible for sourcing most of the pieces we sampled, re-wrote and later performed live. One of these was from ‘Beautiful Burnout’ from the 2007 Oblivion with Bells album.

At around 5’10” into the track, the drum-line kicks in. From the first hearing it captivated me and I knew we just had to sample this and use it somehow. The time signature completely messes with your head and, even after breaking it down and splitting it between the three levels of the surdo line, it took around six months to fully master. We kept the name – “Beautiful Burnout” – but found that it only really worked for static shows. Still got several live airings though.

Jemtunes – earlier anthems

Patti Smith – Because the Night – 19 October
Cozy Powell – Na Na Na – 20 October
Steve Howe – Australia – 21 October
Ten Years After – I’m Going Home – 22 October
Rory Gallagher – Bullfrog Blues – 23 October
Led Zeppelin – Four Sticks – 24 October
Pink Floyd – Shine on you crazy diamond – 25 October



2 thoughts on “The Anthem Challenge #8

  1. Thats a really interesting story line you’ve posted. I almost went with mmm, Skyscaper I love you, for my challenge #8. Talk about coincidence. I’m a big Underworld fan and saw them at Glastonbury. 1999, I think. Its all a bit of a blur. Interesting to find out that you are a music maker yourself. Cool.

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