The Anthem Challenge #7

The Anthem Challenge is simple in task but complex in choice. Ten anthems over ten days that mean something in your life. Say a bit about each and add a ping back to me so that I can see what you’ve chosen. This is day 7 for me and, true to the cause, here’s my ping back to Alfred’s Almanac who started everything off.

Anthem #7 – Pink Floyd – Shine on you crazy diamond

From 2006 a group of us made an annual pilgrimage to Le Mans in France for the 24-hour endurance race. A good friend of mine has a house (Les Veslueres) in the village of St Denis D’Orques about twenty miles north of the city. So it seemed the right thing to do every June when he first purchased it at the back end of 2005. I’ve not been able to go these last couple of years but still Skype in with those who do, mainly for one particular moment. The ‘Pink Floyd’ moment.

It quickly became a tradition of the ‘Le Mans the easy way’ trips with a group of very good friends sitting round a fire pit in the depths of rural France late of an early summer evening, plied with a good beaujolais listening to Pink Floyd at top volume.

Jemtunes – earlier anthems
  1. Patti Smith – Because the Night – 19 October
  2. Cozy Powell – Na Na Na – 20 October
  3. Steve Howe – Australia – 21 October
  4. Ten Years After – I’m Going Home – 22 October
  5. Rory Gallagher – Bullfrog Blues – 23 October
  6. Led Zeppelin – Four Sticks – 24 October

2 thoughts on “The Anthem Challenge #7

  1. Thanks Jem. Sorry for delay as I have work commitments. Great choice. That is now three of us who chose songs from this album on the same day.. DotedOn chose Wish you were Here.That’s fantastic. I can never get bored of this. It’s so unique, and holds fond memories for ma also. Cheers.

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