The Anthem challenge #4

Check out the details of what ‘The Anthem challenge’ is about from the Jemtunes posting on 19 October. Paul at Alfred’s Almanac started things off though – so have a look at his blog as well. This is day four for me.

Anthem #4 – Ten Years After – I’m Going Home

I first saw the film of the Woodstock festival back in 1973 on a grainy Super 8 in a seedy little cinema close to where I live in Sussex. I was hooked from the outset and still am. So many wonderful acts in that three hour plus marathon of the greatest music festival of all time. And yet, the star – the crowning glory – was then as it is still now. Ten Years After and “I’m going home”. Alvin Lee’s mind bogglingly fast fretwork is a thing of wonder. One of my guitar heroes but sadly no longer with us. Just glad that he’s been captured so many times on film for us to remember now and still enjoy.


7 thoughts on “The Anthem challenge #4

  1. great choice, Jem. I had almost forgotten how great Alvin Lee was. Such a fast player in a mellow era. That seedy little cinema sounds great. Such a shame theres so few of them left. Thanks for posting and reminding me of this classic band :]

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