The Anthem challenge #2

Check out the details of what ‘The Anthem challenge’ is about from the Jemtunes posting on 19 October. Paul at Alfred’s Almanac started things off though – so have a look at his blog as well. This is day two for me.

Anthem #2 – Cozy Powell – Na Na Na


Cozy Powell’s ‘Na Na Na’ came out in 1974. I can still remember getting the single from my local record shop and playing it to death on my Dansette. It’s one of my all time favourite ‘feel good’ tracks as well as showing off the late Mr Powell’s drumming prowess rather well; I’ve always had a weakness for the ‘fifty pound hammer’. Forty years on and the track is still on my i-pod. Says something for its longevity.


3 thoughts on “The Anthem challenge #2

  1. Now I am really impressed. I haven’t heard this for years. You’re absolutely right about it being a feel good track. He was such a great drummer. Man, he could pound those skins. Who’s on vocals here, do you know ?

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