Jemtunes’ first blog awards

versatile-blogger-award onelovelyblogaward

I’m really proud to accept two awards for Jemtunes, both from Alfred’s Almanac, an eclectic and totally fascinating blog covering pretty well anything life has to throw at us. Keep it coming Sir; I am a total fan.

As ever there are acceptance rules (all part of the fun)…

  1. Thank the person or blog who nominated you (with a ping back if you know how)
  2. Reveal 7 facts about yourself
  3. Nominate up to 15 other worthy recipients and tell them about this

I’ve honoured the first, have done the same with the second below but am breaking the third. There are some really good reasons for this:

  • I’m following loads of bloggers,  each because they’ve posted something close to my heart
  • I can’t nominate all of them, but all are worthy (or I’d not be following them)
  • Some bloggers have a ‘no awards’ policy. That’s fine – it doesn’t stop them being worthy of an award – but it means I can’t add them to a list even though I’d like to.

So basically, for rule three, I’m nominating all of the 482 blogs I follow. (And if there was a way of adding a ping back to let you all know about this, believe me, I’d do it!)

Seven facts
  1. My favourite tipple is Badger’s Tanglefoot, no, wait a minute…Fuller’s Honeydew…or Hepworth’s Gold. Ok – all of them
  2. I love baking bread
  3. I am so totally against commercial ticket touting that it makes my blood boil. The recent Royal Blood fiasco is a prime example
  4. I am prone to ‘old fart’ ranting from time to time
  5. My daughter is the lead singer of the band ‘Mok’ mentioned so frequently in Jemtunes
  6. My all time favourite guitar solo is the end of the extended version of ‘Goodbye to Love’ by the Carpenters
  7. I have both the first ever and last ever issue of Vox magazine.

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