Johnny Winter…

Earlier this month I finished off a daily music challenge – ’25 songs in 25 days’. Whilst I was doing that a thought occurred that I have so many albums, purchased or acquired over the years, that it’d a something of a crime not to share some of these with you and why I like them. This won’t be in any sort of order – just as I feel on the day of posting.

And to kick things off – especially as the great man has just passed away, here are a couple from Johnny Winter.


“The progressive Blues Experiment” is from 1969. Purchased a few years later I might add, as I was only 10 when it was released. But track 5 on side 1 – ‘Help Me’ – became an instant favourite and stayed with me through my formative teenage years as something of an anthem.


“Nothin but the Blues’ came out 8 years later and this was one I did purchase on release. There are lots of blinders on this one, but the track that’s stuck with me is ‘TV Mama’…


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