25 songs in 25 days #23

One song a day along with an explanation of why you picked it. Day 23 – a song you cannot stand to listen to

Barry Manilow – Can’t smile without you (1978)


You know, for someone like me for whom music is such a vital part of life, there actually aren’t that many songs or ‘artists’ that I hate. But Barry Manilow is very definitely one of them. He is a carbuncle on the bottom of the Music Industry and should be made illegal.

This ‘song’ is one of his most heinous crimes for which he should have been locked up for back in 1978 when he had the audacity to release it. The world would have been a better place and a great many people would have been spared the shameless brainwashing that has for years allowed them to believe that this master criminal has even a modicum of talent. I feel so sorry for those poor misguided souls rising to give him a standing ovation at the beginning of this video. They could have been spared this indignity had we been brave enough to lock him away the first time he tried this on back in the sixties!

Having said this, I always try to find something good in everything. And that’s true here as well in the opening lines of this absolutely awful song. “I can’t smile without you…” has come back to haunt Mr Manilow, as he’s had so much plastic surgery over the years that he can’t smile at all now! Bonus.

Rant over.


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