25 songs in 25 days #15

One song per day along with an explanation of why you picked it. Day 15 – a song you love singing along to

Free – All right now (1970)

Back in the 1990’s, the community church I was part of had an annual summer party in the back garden of one of the other members. They lived in a large house in a local village and had the space for a couple of marquees. Typical parties – lots of food, chilled beers, loudness and general enjoyment. Games for the children earlier on and later, some live music for the by then somewhat tipsy parents. This was pre-kareoke days but we did a pretty good job all the same. Anyone who could play grabbed an instrument and plugged into the PA, and anyone who could sing (and some who couldn’t) grabbed a lyric sheet. “All Right Now” was one I excelled at. I could just about hit the Paul Rodgers’ high notes back then and, as the album the song comes from – ‘Fire and Water’ – was and is one of my favourites, I knew the lyrics really well. Good times.


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