Artful Albums #4: Roger Glover – Machine Head (1972)



Roger Glover, the bassist with Deep Purple, conceived, designed and photographed the gatefold sleeve for the 1972 release of ‘Machine Head’  on the Purple label, a subsidiary of EMI. A machine head is the tuner or head gear of a stringed instrument, hence the blurred image of Roger Glover’s bass machine head on the back cover.



Written and recorded in Montreux, Switzerland, in December 1971, the inner gatefold features mugshots of everyone who worked on the album’s recording, production and post-production. If you look carefully, you’ll see a picture (top right-hand corner) of the fire at the casino taken from across the water of lake Geneva, the inspiration of course for ‘Smoke on the Water’.

Roger Glover continues with his photography and painting and, in October 2010, hosted his first solo exhibition – “Happy Silence” – at the k-8 e.V. Galerie in Cologne.



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