Classic albums A-Z: Neil Young – After the gold rush (1970)



“After the Goldrush is a ‘right’ album. Right in the sense that it changes and grows, along with the listener. The first time I listened to it, I thought that ‘Southern Man’ was the only cool track on the album. Maybe because it, together with ‘When You Dance I Can Really Love’, were the only tracks that were with an electric band. But soon I learned to appreciate the fine lyrics of ‘Tell Me Why,’ and the ingenious melody of ‘Don’t Let It Bring You Down.’ ”

Runar Igesund (Funhouse)

For me personally the title track ‘After the Gold Rush’ and ‘Only love can break your heart’ are the “right” tracks on this classic album. Deservedly there and timeless.

Full track listing
  1. Tell me why
  2. After the gold rush
  3. Only love can break your heart
  4. Southern man
  5. Til the morning comes
  6. Oh lonesome me
  7. Don’t let it bring you down
  8. Birds
  9. When you dance you can really love
  10. I believe in you
  11. Cripple Creek ferry



3 thoughts on “Classic albums A-Z: Neil Young – After the gold rush (1970)

  1. What a great Blog you have! I am a huge music fan and love your A-Z idea. After the Gold Rush, is an all time classic. Reminds me of living in a tent in Gran Canaria, 1987. Warm nights and long hot days on the beach. Every song is brilliant. Including, Cripple Creek Ferry. Try getting that tune out of your head after a few herbal ciggies…

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