Classic albums A-Z: Quantic Soul Orchestra – Stampede (2003)



As soon as it hit the shelves back in April 2003, the album was greeted by a wealth of fervent accolades from the music press, club and radio DJs alike. Joined by an 11-strong band of supremely talented musicians, Will & Co belt out their very own electrifying brand of funk, soul, jazz and afro-beat. Three of the album’s ten tracks are voiced by Alice Russell, who first appeared alongside Will on his second Quantic LP. Of these, a breathtaking cover of 4Hero’s ‘Hold It Down’ remains a highlight in the QSO’s repertoire to this day. ‘Stampede’ also includes a new vocal version of crowd pleaser ‘Super 8’ featuring Jon Hughes. (


‘Putting something back’ is how Will Holland described the reason for starting the Quantic Soul Orchestra, a live project – strictly no samples allowed.  (From album sleeve notes)

It’s one of my faves – but you should make up your own minds. Here’s a starter for ten…

Full track listing
  1. Stampede
  2. Raw ingredients
  3. Walking through tomorrow (super 8 part 3)
  4. South Coastin
  5. Something that’s real
  6. Hold it down
  7. Assassin
  8. Terrapin
  9. Babaraatiri
  10. Take your time, change your mind



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