Classic albums A-Z: One Minute Silence – One lie fits all (2003)



There are two reasons why ‘One Lie Fits All‘, the 1993 release from metal/rap/rockers ‘One Minute Silence’ gets my classic status. One is that I don’t have that many albums for bands whose name begins with ‘O’. The second, and singularly more important is down to the stunning third track – ‘I wear my skin’.

Everything about this track is brilliant; the way in which Yap’s vocals grab you when they kick in; the power of the lyrics; the slicing guitar work from Massy and the stunning imagery of the accompanying video. My mind’s already made up – enough to see this track feature in my all time top 10 (and that’s really something)! See what you think…

I wear my skin like it’s not a problem, but is it a problem for you? The past writes the page we walk on, today writes the past for…

Full track listing
  1. Fistful of nothing
  2. Revolution
  3. I wear my skin
  4. The way back
  5. We bounce
  6. You so much as move
  7. Price of the King’s ticket
  8. Into our own
  9. A song about
  10. The hill is a hole
  11. Representing the poor man
  • Yap (vocals)
  • Glen Diari (bass)
  • Msssy Fiocco (guitar)
  • Eddie Stratton (drums)

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