Classic albums A-Z: The King – Return to Splendour (2000)



The small town where I live in Sussex, UK used to be graced by an equally small record shop – ‘Atomic Sounds’. Sadly, it’s no longer with us but, in its heyday, I’d spend most Saturday mornings there, browsing through the eclectic selection of new and back-catalogue stuff on offer.

One Saturday Elvis Presley was playing over the stereo. At least that’s what I thought; it’s just that something wasn’t quite right. Elvis seemed to be covering (and rather well, I might add) ‘Pretty Vacant’ from the Sex Pistols. And there laid the rub. Theoretically possible as the Sex Pistols released it in July 1977 and Elvis didn’t pass on until three weeks or so later on 16 August. But the King would have had to have been unbelievably sharp off the mark and it just didn’t quite jell as to why he’d bother. Just didn’t seem to be his style at all.

Duly puzzled, I asked the owner who immediately confirmed that it was indeed The King on the stereo. “Seriously?” I replied, “Elvis covered the Sex Pistols?” “Of course not!” Tony replied, “But the King did!” And there laid my introduction, as well as sealing which album I’d buy that day.

Jim ‘The King’ Brown hails from the bad end of Belfast. An ex-postal worker, he’s acclaimed as one of the greatest Elvis tribute acts working today. Backed by a stunningly talented band (The Questionnaires), The King takes the Elvis tribute to a whole different level covering the likes of Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, Queen, Lynryd Skynryd and, of course, the Sex Pistols.

Return to Splendour is his second album and the third ‘covers’ album in this series.

Full track listing
  1. Sympathy for the devil
  2. L.A.Woman
  3. Under the bridge
  4. The house is rockin
  5. Whole lotta love
  6. You got it
  7. Everybody’s talking
  8. Sweet Home Chicago
  9. Child of a preacher man
  10. King of the road
  11. Crazy little thing called love
  12. Pretty Vacant
  13. Hoochie Coochie man
  14. Take me home country roads
  15. What a wonderful world
  16. Little ole wine drinker me
  • Jim ‘The King’ Brown (vocals)
  • Keith Weir (keyboards)
  • Ian Gould (bass guitar)
  • Steve Emney (drums)
  • Paul Guerin (guitar)

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