Classic albums A-Z: Evanescence – Fallen (2003)



Fallen‘ from Evanescence is a debut album success story few ever reach. Released in March 2003 through Wind-up Records and Epic Records, it went straight in at number 7 on the Billboard charts, sold 141,000 copies in its first week, spawned 4 singles, reached number 1 in 11 countries and has since sold over 7 million copies in the US and over 17 million worldwide.

Evanescence hail from Little Rock, Arkansas. Formed in 1998 by Ben Moody and Amy Lee, the band had released 3 Eps before getting signed to Wind-up records, a Sony subsidiary in early 2001.

Fallen has a place in my Classic albums A-Z by virtue of track 4 – My Immortal. Subsequently one of the four singles taken from the album (the others were ‘Bring me to life’, ‘Going Under’ and ‘Everybody’s Fool’),  My Immortal went on to become the band’s second biggest single topped only by ‘Bring me to life’ (also from ‘Fallen’).

Full track listing
  1. Going Under
  2. Bring me to life
  3. Everybody’s Fool
  4. My Immortal
  5. Haunted
  6. Tourniquet
  7. Imaginary
  8. Taking over me
  9. Hello
  10. My last breath
  11. Whisper
  • Amy Lee (vocals)
  • Ben Moody (guitars)
  • David Hodges (keyboards)
  • Francesco DiCosmo (bass)
  • Josh Freese (drums)

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